Friday, April 10, 2009

The Ultimate Google G1 Review

As soon as Google announced the development of the Android mobile phone platform way back in 2007, people began eagerly anticipating the release of the new phones that would be created. The early versions of these phones are finally starting to be released to the market; the first one to come out is the T-Mobile G1. Dubbed the HTC Dream during its development, the T-Mobile G1 has been anxiously eyed by everyone who wants to know how much a Google phone platform could possibly shake up the mobile phone world. The G1 brings together the best Google software programs (like Gmail and Google Maps) with innovative third-party software options (available through the Android Marketplace) to give you a phone that can do the things that you want it to do, whatever those things may be. It’s an early version of the … continue reading "The Ultimate Google G1 Review"

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