Friday, April 10, 2009

Mighty Toshiba TG01 Officially Announced!

Toshiba may not be a name which springs to mind when considering high-end smartphones, but if it wasn’t before it will be now! At an event in London this week, they unveiled the TG01, a stunning new touchscreen smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.1 and boasting a heavenly display!

It may be specced more like a pocket computer than mobile phone, but the Toshiba TG01 has been made with portability in mind as it has a slightly larger footprint than an iPhone 3G and measures a lithe 9.9mm thick! The screen is a huge 4.1″ and has a resolution of 480×800 - that’s WVGA - and it’s surrounded by a very sleek casing pictured in both a gunmetal-grey and white.

Examining the TG01’s specification is fascinating. It’s the first to use … continue reading "Mighty Toshiba TG01 Officially Announced!"

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